executive skills

Course Coordinator(s) : Dr. Noopur Agrawal,  Dr. Pooja Talwar

Course Coordinator

About the course

The expectation of corporate from the workforce has undergone metamorphic change in present scenario. This trend and hunt of talented and smart workforce has made most of the traditional courses redundant and tagged the learners of such courses as Unemployable. Keeping in mind this fact and expectation of employers, University of Delhi has continuously been revising its curriculum to ensure that our learners are equipped with the right skill-sets desired by the industry. Getting aligned with the objective and acts of our University and to augment the qualification of our students, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College takes pride in announcing this add-on course on “Executive Skills”.

Dr. Pooja Talwar

Course Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can a student take more than one course at a time?

Ans: Offline- Yes, classes will be scheduled according to the students enrolled;

         Online- Yet to be decided as we may switch to offline modes soon.

Q2: What is the approximate size of the batch?

Ans: 30-40 students per batch.

Q3: Are the lectures pre-recorded or live (in case of online modes)?

Ans: Live classes. No pre-recorded lectures.

Q4: Can an individual manage the value added courses along with regular college?

Ans: Yes, these courses can be easily managed along with regular college. Courses are designed in accordance with the suitability of DU examinations (internals and finals).

Q5: Will there be any trial classes for the students (before payment of the fees)?

Ans: No trial/demo classes will be provided.

Q6: Are there back-up lectures for the students who miss some classes?

Ans: There won’t be any backup lectures for any of the modes

Q7: What is the duration of the courses?

Ans: 40 hours for each course.

Q8: What are the payment options and when does the student need to pay for it?

Ans: The payment needs to be done through Paytm at the time of registration.