Digital Information Management

Course Coordinator : Dr. Puja Anand Gulati

Dr. Puja Anand Gulati

About the course

The Certificate in Digital Information Management provides students with the theoretical knowledge, conceptual frameworks and practical skills required to create, maintain and curate collections of digital information in libraries, archives and records management departments.

The subject introduces information functions and services such as, but not limited to: enterprise content management; library and research services; records and archives; information systems and processes; and knowledge management. Students identify. Topics are driven by current professional requirements  and may include managing cultural heritage and Indigenous information; ethical, legal and policy issues; knowledge retention; and access to public information. Information and knowledge processes are discussed in terms of their value, benefits and use in strategic planning, and decision making within organisations.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: Can a student take more than one course at a time?

Ans: Offline- Yes, classes will be scheduled according to the students enrolled; Online- Yet to be decided as we may switch to offline modes soon.


Q2: What is the approximate size of the batch?

Ans: 30-40 students per batch.


Q3: Are the lectures pre-recorded or live (in case of online modes)?

Ans: Live classes. No pre-recorded lectures.


Q4: Can an individual manage the value added courses along with regular college?

Ans: Yes, these courses can be easily managed along with regular college. Courses are designed in accordance with the suitability of DU examinations (internals and finals).


Q5: Will there be any trial classes for the students (before payment of the fees)?

Ans: No trial/demo classes will be provided.


Q6: Are there back-up lectures for the students who miss some classes?

Ans: There won’t be any backup lectures for any of the modes


Q7: What is the duration of the courses?

Ans: 40 hours for each course.


Q8: What are the payment options and when does the student need to pay for it?

Ans: The payment needs to be done through Paytm and the amount needs to be deposited within 10 days of registration.