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Centre for Skill Development

 Skill Development Add-on Courses:

The rapid growth of information and communication technologies (ICT); globalisation and online services has led to a shortage of skilled professionals who possess the technical knowledge and learning skills needed to create and manage various skill-sets in a fast-changing environment. The Skill Development Add-on Courses program helps fill this gap by combining intensive, hands-on technology learning with a thorough grounding in the theoretical principles needed to manage large, complex needs of the day.

The curriculum of these add-on courses takes a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to learning of  various skill sets  and is designed to support a wide range of career paths, especially involving archives, records management, data curation, executive skills, tourism, branding, etc.

These Certificate courses provide students with the theoretical knowledge, conceptual frameworks and practical skills required to cater current professional requirements. Students are proposed to be exposed to topics driven by current components of organisational processes and cultures in terms of their value, benefits and use in strategic planning, and decision making within organisations.

With this aim, this Centre introduces Skill Development Add-on Courses in sync with ‘Skills India Programme’ for imparting knowledge on vital job skills to the students, thus enabling them to acquire an additional certificate along with their Degree certificates. These Add-on Courses would supplement the core education practices and take the excellence benchmark of College to the next level. Students can pursue these certificate programmes along with their regular Degree programmes. 

In first phase, the following Add-On Courses are being introduced:

  • Digital Information Management:                   Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Puja Anand Gulati
  • Executive Skills:                                              Course Co-ordinator: Dr.Pooja Talwar & Dr. Noopur Agrawal

 Forthcoming Courses:

  • GST and Taxation Accounting                                  
  • Start-up and Entrepreneurship
  • Sales Management